We want your ring to fit perfectly!

Ordering rings online can be a little complicated if you are unsure of your size. Most jewellery stores will measure you for free. Depending on the width of the ring you wish to purchase, you will either need to be measured using a narrow or wide (8mm+) gauge.

If the ring is a gift, we suggest you order a standard stock size which can be used to surprise the person. This can then be sized accordingly by posting it back to us when the size is known. If the difference in size is small, this process will be pretty quick; however, if the ring needs to go up by a lot, a new one may have to be handmade which could take up to 3-4 weeks.

The first re-sizing of the ring from stock size is included in the price; although there will be a charge for any adjustments after the first time, which is why we suggest buying a stock size if you are unsure rather than guessing.